Why did I start a blog?

I read about a new blogging platform called Ghost. Ghost utilizes a technology called nodejs, which is popular for web applications.

I have a bit of experience with Wordpress. Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform in the world.

Wordpress is good. The massive community makes it easy to finds solutions to problems. Still, I don't like it much. Something about all the plugins make it feel inelegant to me.

Ghost is interesting because it takes care of many things I'd rather not bother with, such as SEO and RSS. It's also bog simple to back up through a terminal which is a bonus for me.

Meanwhile, I discovered a domain can be bought for less than $15 CAD/year (I used namecheap). Digital Ocean also has very performant hosting for less than $10 CAD/month. Setting up a Ghost 'droplet' was very much a point and click process.

To be honest, I was almost disappointed at how easy everything was.

So, why did I start a blog?

It was fun going through the process of selecting a design and setting everything up.

It's also kind of cool to have a place to call my own. There are no rules here. I can do what I want.