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My New App Idea

I've got an idea for a mobile app. It will be called "4:33" in honour of the John Cage composition. Like the John Cage composition, it won't have any actual content. It will merely show a blank white screen for 4 minutes and 33 seconds, during which you listen to the sounds going on around you. It would be amazing to have 30 people on a train seemingly glued to their phones but in actuality deeply tuned into their environment.

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Thoughts on Purchasing Technology

When making technological purchases, I find it useful to remember how quickly such items becomes obsolete. Modern smartphones will be worse than useless one day, just like black & white televisions or VHS tapes. In fact, modern technological gadgets are like cars, except way worse. They take a huge depreciation immediately after you buy them, and rapidly depreciate year after year. They are usually worth next to nothing as scrap. That's why I like to spend as little as necessary to get the job done, and

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