Social Media Is Outgrowing Its Use

Companies like Facebook and Twitter make billions harvesting our data and selling it to advertisers.

If this monetization of our private lives isn't abhorrent enough, these services are also bad for our kids.

When it first emerged, social media was a revelation. It was suddenly trivial to keep in touch with folks we don't see often, and used well, it can be an effective networking tool.

The problem, as I see it, is the advent of smartphones has made it all too easy to obsessively check our feeds. I myself have been guilty of this in the past. For many, this becomes detrimental to ourselves and our relationships with others.

Online communications are no replacement for real human interaction.

I think that as people become more aware of the extent to which they are being exploited by corporations, there will be a natural backlash against social media in general.

For now, consider taking all social media apps off your phone for a while, and limit yourself to checking them no more than once a day. See how you feel after a week. For that matter, turn off all notifications on your phone, especially email. It's email- it can, and should wait until you have time to wipe a bunch out at once. It's plain more efficient.