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Thoughts on Purchasing Technology

When making technological purchases, I find it useful to remember how quickly such items becomes obsolete. Modern smartphones will be worse than useless one day, just like black & white televisions or VHS tapes. In fact, modern technological gadgets are like cars, except way worse. They take a huge depreciation immediately after you buy them, and rapidly depreciate year after year. They are usually worth next to nothing as scrap. That's why I like to spend as little as necessary to get the job done, and

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Why did I start a blog?

I read about a new blogging platform called Ghost. Ghost utilizes a technology called nodejs, which is popular for web applications. I have a bit of experience with Wordpress. Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform in the world. Wordpress is good. The massive community makes it easy to finds solutions to problems. Still, I don't like it much. Something about all the plugins make it feel inelegant to me. Ghost is interesting because it takes care of many things I'd rather not bother with, such

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First Post

This blog is meant to be an outlet for my random thoughts, and also to have fun running a blog for a little while.

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